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OXY3 - 285 Stretch - Combo - 285 mm ZEAL CF Main Blade Ver más grande

OXY3 - 285 Stretch - Combo - 285 mm ZEAL CF Main Blade


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Lynx Heli Innovations and Oxy Heli are always looking toward new ideas and solutions that really do something… and we propose a “Stretch Kit” to grow your OXY 3 standard and use up to 285 mm Main Blade, to become OXY 3 - 285 Stretch Edition

The COMBO support you all the parts needed for the complete transform, including Zeal 285 mm CF Main Blade..

IMPORTANTR NOTE: Lynx OXY 3 Stretch Kit can use with standard 255 mm main blade to increase the tail authority, but using 285 mm main blade we have the best fly performance.

For the first test, we suggest to set the Head Speed not over 4000 and then later on adjusting following your behaviors.

The Oxy 3 stretch can use 3, 4 and 6 s configuration, increasing the disc loading and reduce head speed compare the standard OXY 3 set up, you will increase efficient reducing main blade drag and in the end you can have similar 255 mm blade feeling with a better fly time.

Stretch kit will also give you possibility to go over the standard 255 performance limit keeping the same 255 mm blade head speed, you will have an increase of performance up to 30% with increased current draw.

This stretch kit was designed to work in the OXY 3 without need to change any other parts. Motor and ESC can manage the extra power when need.

Test  was made in cooperation with many pilot one in particular Tareq Alsaadi.


Lynx upgrade design: the new frontier of innovative, lightweight and high precision upgrade parts for your helicopters..


- Lynx and Oxy introduce stretch kit for your OXY 3.

- Direct replacement and improvement for your OXY 3 - Sport and 255 Edition.

- Incredible big size feeling, increased visibility and fly precision.

- 25 mm longer tail boom for increased tail authority

- Optimized lightweight design.

- At lower head speed OXY 3 will result more stable and more visible, perfect for newbie practice

- At higher head speed OXY 3 become a beast for agility and pops, and super stable in the high speed fly, perfect for the adrenaline dependent...

- Design assisted by FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve light weight and maximum strength.



1 x Set CF Main Blade Zeal Energy 285mm

1 x OXY 3 - 285 - Stretch Tail Boom

1 x OXY 3 - 285 - Stretch Tail Belt

1 x OXY 3 - 285 - Stretch Tail Servo Push Rod


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OXY3 - 285 Stretch - Combo - 285 mm ZEAL CF Main Blade

OXY3 - 285 Stretch - Combo - 285 mm ZEAL CF Main Blade