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RC Plus Cube 80 Duo Charger - AC-DC - 2x 80 Watt


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LiHV compatible! Lightweight 2x80W charger.
2 individual charging channels, each with their own 80W power supply! So charging 2 batteries at once can be done with 80W available for every channel!

This charger has an amazingly low footprint on your pit table: because it is stacked up high instead of wide, it doesn't use valuable space on your pit table & gives the charger a futuristic look.
This is a great allround charger, which can be used to charge all battery types & and 2 batteries at the same time.

- Input: AC: 100 ~ 240Volt, DC: 11 ~ 18 Volt
- Power: 7A charging, 5A discharging
- Charging current: 0.1 to 7A
- Discharge current: 0.1 to 1A
- Weight: 400g
- Size: 136 x 127 x 56 mm

Box contents:
- 1x Cube Duo 80
- 2x Balancing board
- 2x Balancing cable
- 1x Deans charging cable
- 1x XT60 charging cable
- 1x Deans to Tamiya converter cable
- 1x Deans to Alligator clips cable
- 1x XT60 to Alligator clips cable
- 1x Deans to Bec cable
- 1x Deans to Receiver/JST cable
- 1x EU Power cable


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RC Plus Cube 80 Duo Charger - AC-DC - 2x 80 Watt

RC Plus Cube 80 Duo Charger - AC-DC - 2x 80 Watt

ANTES 99,99€ (Ahorras €19,09)