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SAB Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition


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-Full carbon Canopy and Boom in Yellow Black
-3 Blade head
-CNC main gear
-Aluminum parts are silver
-Tail Pulley 21T
-Blades BL 540-3D Silver + Tail Blades BW5104 Silver

General Specifications
Main rotor diameter: 1218 mm (with 540 mm tri-blades)
FBL System
Main blade length support: 540 to 575mm
Tail rotor diameter: 278 mm
Tail blade length: 104 mm
Main shaft diameter: 10 mm
Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm
Weight including electronics: about 2450 g (excluding batteries).

Special Features:
Full carbon boom
Battery tray for 6S and 12S packs
Inside carbon rod
Dampened tail system

Electronic Specification :
Cyclic Servos: Standard size 40mm
Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)

Typical Speed Controller:
6S 100A
12S 80A

Maximum motor size: 4025 size (52 mm diameter, 56 mm height)
6S 1000-1400 Kv
12S 500-700 Kv
12S 500-700 Kv

Battery compartment:
6S 5000/5500 mAh. Max dimension 50x60x200mm
12S 2600/3300 mAh. Max dimension 50x45x280mm

Kit Includes:
21T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
1 battery tray with straps
540 mm tri-blades main rotor set
104 mm tail blades


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SAB Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition

SAB Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition