Shape S2 -RTF (Mode 2)


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The Shape S2 is a small and compact model helicopter that can be flown in confined spaces and yet has flight characteristics that one would expect from larger helicopters. The helicopter is equipped with a Nanobeast attitude control system from the house of BEASTX, which makes it possible to adjust the steering feel from tame to extremely agile. Thus, the helicopter meets almost all the requirements of pilots, whether beginner or 3D professional. In addition, the system offers the proven AttitudeControl position stabilization.
Thus, the helicopter can be brought into a stable attitude at the touch of a button, which can prevent crashes. The system can also have a limiting effect on the pilot's control inputs and assist him with flying (so-called quad mode).

The installed Nanobeast system has a configuration specially adapted to the S2 shape. So the helicopter can be made ready to fly within a very short time. Only the receiver needs to be plugged in and the remote control system must be configured appropriately. If the helicopter is purchased in the package with the T8FB remote control, it can even start immediately. The preparatory work is then limited more or less only to charging the batteries, inserting the batteries in the transmitter and a short function check.

Compatible remote control systems
Transmitter / Receiver - The S2 Shape can be used with virtually any type of receiver or remote control system, in which the control commands are transmitted over a single line as a clustered signal (sum signal). In detail these are the following systems: Spectrum DSMX, Spektrum SRXL, Graupner HOTT SUMO + SUMD, Futaba SBus, Multiplex SRXL (V1 + V2), JR X-Bus (Mode B), Jeti exBus, Align / FlySky iBus, BEASTX SRXL as well all systems with analogue sum signal output (SPPM). By software update, the number of supported systems can be extended at any time if necessary.

Note: Receivers with control output via individual servo connections are not supported!

Technical specifications
Length: 400mm
Width: 88mm
Height: 155mm
Main rotor diameter: 445mm
Main rotor blade length: 190mm
Tail rotor diameter: 102mm
Tail rotor blade length: 35mm
Engine: 3980KV
Regulator: Brushless 30A
Flight battery: 3S LiPo 11.1V 800-850 mAh 30-40C
Take-off weight: approx. 310-320g

• Shape S2 ready-built helicopter incl. BEASTX Nanobeast
• Flight battery (3S 11,1V LiPo)

• Radiolink T8FB Fernsteuerung (8-Kanal, 2.4GHz FHSS)
• Radiolink R8FM Empfänger (8-Kanal, 2.4GHz FHSS)
• Hype X3 LiPo-Ladegerät

Optional accessories
• USB2SYS interface (USB programming of the Nanobeast via PC / Mac)
• BLE2SYS interface (Bluetooth programming of the Nanobeast via Android / iOS)


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Shape S2 -RTF (Mode 2)

Shape S2 -RTF (Mode 2)